June 2001 Photo Gallery

Photos © 2001, Ken Dewey, High Plains Regional Climate Center

NEVIT members intercept
June 13, 2001 Seward, NE tornado: Click HERE
DAMAGE photos were added on July 5 - click on the above link to see them.

Nebraska - Rice University Baseball Quarter Finals on the UNL campus, 1 PM, June 1, 2001

Storm clouds begin to gather north of Buck Beltzer Field on the UNL campus,
June 1, 2001 during the Nebraska - Rice University Baseball Quarter Finals.

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Clouds gather to the north of the UNL campus on June 1, 2001.

After the storm.  A brief thunderstorm passed over the campus mid-afternoon
June, 1, 2001 (looking south from the campus toward the retreating storm).

More storm clouds gather over Lincoln at 70th and "O" Streets, 5 PM, June 1, 2001

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