October 2002, Lincoln, NE,  Photo Gallery

All Images, unless noted otherwise, are © K. Dewey

Students on east campus of UNL trudge through the early autumn snow
showers on October 23. CLICK HERE:Early Taste of Winter Report

Fresh snow sticks to the green leaves of a bush while a tree
in the background shows its autumn colors of orange and red.

This is not the "Northwoods" of Minnesota but instead Lincoln, Nebraska.
An early season snowfall hits Nebraska on October 23, 2002.
Click.HERE for details.

October 19, 2002:  A full moon rises over the eastern horizon shortly after sunset
in southeast Lincoln.

October 19, 2002: Fall colors along Pine Lake Road near 84th Street in Lincoln.

October 19, 2002: Fall colors in far southeast Lincoln

October 18, 2002: Fall colors near 48th and Valley Road

October 18, 2002: Fall colors near 48th and Valley Road

October 18, 2002: Fall colors on the city campus of UNL
near 17th and Holdrege Streets.

October 17, 2002: Southeast Lincoln. The setting sun paints the sky a brilliant red.


October 5, 2002:  After a nearly perfect weather day, the
setting sun paints the sky red over southeast Lincoln.

October 5, 2002:  Football Saturday on the UNL campus.
After a chilly morning low of 39 F, the afternoon was near perfect,
with a high of 72 F.

Click on any of these 3 photos from the
October 5, 2002, Huskers Football game to see a much larger version.


October 4, 2002: early morning in southeast Lincoln, just after
sunrise with a bank of clouds and cooler weather moving in from the Northwest.

October 4, 2002:  Following a night of nearly 2 inches of rain in southeast Lincoln,
several suburban roads are covered with mud flows.

Early morning fog shrouds this construction site in far southeast Lincoln on October 3, 2002

October 1, 2002:  A late afternoon thunderstorm roars through Lincoln
producing the funnel shown above in far southeast Lincoln.
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