DECEMBER 2000 Photo Gallery

Photos © Ken Dewey, unless otherwise noted.

December 28, 2000.  The temperature soared to 38 F on warm southerly winds.
It was the warmest temperature in over two weeks causing a rapid melting of the snow.
Here at Van Dorn Plaza, salt covered cars are surrounded by ponds of melt water.

December 18, 2000.  Another in a series of snowstorms hits eastern Nebraska.
Snow plows head north on 70th Street just south of "O" Street.

December 11, 2000.  Arctic air and a major snowstorm hold the city in its icy grip.

The setting sun produced a red sky over Biochemistry Hall, East Campus, UNL, December 6, 2000

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December 1, 2000.  After the 4th coldest November on record, a thin layer
of ice has formed on Holmes Lake.  The sun is now almost at its earliest sunset.

 Photographer unknown.

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